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Our solutions provide governments agencies, educational institutions and the industry with many advanced, complete, and user-friendly web-based tools for developing, assessing, and measuring individuals and institutions performance.

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We offer a wide range of consulting services and staff development programs tailored to specific, identifiable assessment needs. Experts in the field of quality assurance provide excellent consulting services to keep you at the cutting edge of your profession.

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Optimal Global Solutions products are designed to provide a high level of trouble-free performance. In the event you require servicing, contact one of our service facilities throughout the world.

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Let's create your institution's assessment strategy together!

We offer online dynamic assessment solutions to measure individuals outcomes, departments performance and the overall institution success. Our quality assurance solutions are geared to help your organization meets regional and international standards. Our focus is building the state of the art assessment solution and its necessary content.

Today, tons of money is spend on training, new projects and initiatives, change management, marketing activities, etc., but corporate as well as government departments have no true indication if these initiatives, projects, trainings, or/and marketing campaigns have delivered the results expected. The management will work so hard to be and to be known as reliable, trust worthy, friendly, and most able to deliver its services at the most reasonable charges, and high- level human touch. It is our daily job to stay ahead of the competition, perfect our team work, and achieve and exceed our stakeholder’s expectations.